Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

This morning I put Cindy on a plane by herself to Utah.  I have spent the last few weeks wondering if she is really old enough to fly by herself and if she is really mature enough to handle being alone. Her flight to Dallas this morning was only an hour and a half long and I told her to text me when she landed.  So finally I got this:

And I quote:

"It's a double chocolate frappuccino, no coffee."  Because when I was 13 I was totally ordering frappuccinos while I was alone in the airport flying across the country.  Not even close. I think my only goal at that point was trying to memorize all the songs on my Aladdin soundtrack cassette tape.

RABBIT UPDATE:  I got a call about a rabbit sighting last night at 10pm.  They said they had a bunny cornered in their yard with flashlights and we should come quick.  We all raced down there and began chasing the bunny around like madmen, only to realize after about 10 minutes that the bunny was NOT ours.  Seriously?!??  What are the odds that you would find a rabbit in your yard and it's NOT the one everyone in the neighborhood is looking for?  Yep, that pretty much seals the deal that Bun Bun is not coming home.  Cindy has fully accepted the situation, mostly in part to her Dad's promise that she can get multiple bunnies when she gets back from Utah.  ????  It's like I don't even live here...

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