Sunday, September 4, 2016

Yet Another Reason I Haven't Had Time to Blog

Jacob and I have definitely developed a severe case of schizophrenia when it comes to our house. Some days we love it and never want to leave, other days we hate everything about it and begin exhaustive internet searches for anything with a split plan on one acre.  This indecisiveness has lead us to not put a lot of effort into the updating of the house that needs to be done.  However, I finally feel like we have turned a corner recently and have decided that staying or going, the house needs to be updated either way and we might as well get going on the giant list of to do's that await us.  Maybe we will even like the house when we are done, who knows?  Currently we are working on the kitchen. We want new cabinets, but spending $8k on a kitchen remodel is not in the budget.  Besides, Pinterest shows you how to do DIY just about anything now a days, so I don't need no stinkin'  I will just do it myself...

I found the magical paint of all paints that you can paint right on laminate with no sanding. Seriously. It's $44/gallon and I have to special order it to my local Home Depot, but it totally works!  Just paint everything indoors if you live somewhere humid.  I really needs to dry all the way and that will never happen outside in Florida.

These are the first four cabinets we experimented with and I have to say that I think they turned out flippin' sweet!  We added the wood trim to the existing cabinets we had and so far it has been way easier than I ever imagined.  Our kitchen has a lot of cabinetry, however, so this project might be hanging around for a while. Still, it feels good to get started.

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