Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ode to the School Nurse

Since I work at the school now, I regularly get to walk into the main office and right by the clinic. Never have I ever seen the clinic without at least one child in it.  Ever.  (And when I subbed last year, I think I was responsible for sending about 80% of those kids.)  I really don't think the school nurse has down time during her entire day.  And today I personally had to walk in there and thank her for helping me.  Not because I had an injury, but because during my shift in the lunchroom, Luke bit into his sandwich and his already very loose tooth got wedged forward in a horribly uncomfortable position.   I don't really do loose teeth removal (I don't enough continuing education credits) so I sent him to Mrs. Gina and he confidently returned  minutes later, smiling and holding his tooth in his spanking new tooth necklace. Yep, she took that tooth right out.  Hopefully she won't be leaving the school any time soon because Luke still has a good 12 teeth left to lose.

I don't always lose my teeth, but when I do, it's at school.

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