Friday, September 9, 2016

It Was a Long Day

After taking Cindy, Charlotte and Becca to All-County Chorus auditions yesterday, (which was an experience I can liken only to the DMV mixed with a little bit of the line for meeting Ana and Elsa), the four of us took our weary selves to Wendy's.  Because they put your name on a big TV screen.  And then things got a little out of hand.  Big shout out to Ashley for tolerating our shenanigans :)  To be clear, "Fry Fighter" was going to be "ChewBaconator", but they only have so many characters to play with.  

8500 bonus points to anyone who can correctly pronounce the name on the middle left receipt


Sarah Smile said...

B-Bat-Eh-Fries? As in, I would like two B-Batteries?

Kelly said...

BB-8 fries. Check and mate :)