Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This Is Quite a Life I Have Carved Out For Myself

As I continue to substitute teach, I have begun subbing quite a bit at McKeel.  Which has now become the best place in the world to be a sub.  Not only are the kids insanely behaved, but I have now had the chance to sub for both Luke and Cindy's classes.  Which means that when I eat lunch with them, I am basically getting paid to spend time with my own kids.  
Best. Job. Ever. 

So two weeks ago while subbing in Luke's class,  a "shushing war" of sorts broke out while the kids were supposed to be completing a silent, independent assignment.  I found it immature, but the kids eventually calmed down and things resumed to normal.  The next day when I picked up my kids from school, Luke told me that his teacher found out about the "shushing war" and made all the kids who fessed up to being involved, write me apology letters.  

Take a gander at these.  I love kids!

And this is what keeps me subbing.  Especially at McKeel :)

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