Friday, November 20, 2015

Into The History Books

As head soccer coach of the McKeel Girls team, Jacob is now officially part of the "100 Wins Club." It came at the hands of Avon Park last Tuesday night, and even though we had to drive the hour down there, and pay to get in AND we ended the game by mercy rule at halftime, it was well worth it to be there to support him on this accomplishment.

Worst coach's wife in the history of coach's wives redeeming herself BIG TIME! 
Just look at those signs, man!

Lady Wildcats 2015-2016

I have discovered the trick to raising the chances of getting a good picture of Cindy.  It is to A. not take one at all or B. have a stranger do it.  She usually doesn't have the guts to go goofy on someone she doesn't know.


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