Monday, November 16, 2015

All County Chorus

I haven't had time to even mention that Cindy auditioned for All County Chorus this year and made the team for McKeel!  She has tried out for the past two years and this was her first time making it for chorus.  The performance was last Friday night at Florida Southern College and all the songs for each of the choirs were absolutely incredible. The high school choir knocked my socks off (which is hard to do because I don't even really wear socks).  And I am happy to report that if there were any atheists in the audience, they went home highly offended, because every choir sang at least two religious songs and they. were. fantastical.

And look who made the team from Union Academy, why, none other than Cindy's partner in crime, Maddie Adams.

Not only did they sit next to each other at every practice, they performed right next to each other as well.  Cindy must be livin' right!

Bearded piano man was ridiculously good

And because they are some of the most perfect grandparents who ever lived, my mom and dad were there.  And caved in after the performance and outrageously overpaid for a commemorative plaque as a keepsake for Cindy.

Yeah, you better be smiling...

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