Saturday, October 3, 2015

So Far, So Good

We are now three games into the soccer season and Cindy has actually had a really good experience thus far in returning to the game.  She has not even said the phrase "I hate soccer" yet!  Miracles still happen in our day, people.

Don't worry, even though Luke's game started at noon, we were still able to listen to General Conference.  Technology: The best thing to happen to the world besides Grumpy Cat.

Still deciding if my Fire phone camera really sucks or not.  The pictures I got today make me think it might be tolerable.  (Side note: The phone came with a year of Prime on Amazon and I side loaded the Google Play store, so pretty much the phone is amazing and lightning fast.  It was a steal at $130. Just in case you were wondering...)

Soccer cj:
Look at that inside of the foot action! Dad is so proud. 

Jacob got promoted to the assistant over coaching on the recreational side for Lakeland Football Club. Which, to the kids only means one thing: Keys to the golf cart!!

He's so handsome :)

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