Monday, October 19, 2015

A Jacob Quickie

On Sunday during sharing time in junior primary I noticed that Jacob was sitting in the row directly behind his CTR 7 class.  And he was laughing hysterically.  Since I was not in charge of sharing time, I took the liberty to go sit next to him and see what he was up to.  He pointed down to the floor and I saw that the kids had all put their scriptures under their seats while they were not currently using them, and then Jacob was using his feet to switch the scriptures under the different chairs.  The kids were becoming extremely exasperated at trying to figure out how the heck their scriptures were moving around and no one could figure it out.  I gave Jacob a look that disapprovingly said, "Really?"  He smiled and said, "It's the little things."

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Mags said...

Oh gosh...that's hilarious and probably why I will never request my husband to teach in primary. He's in cubs, lol.