Saturday, September 26, 2015

Date Night

Jacob is a sod robot.  Just look at those eyes.
Some go to the movies, some go out to dinner.  Our date night is laying three pallets of sod.  In the pouring rain.  At 9:00 on Friday night.  Which only proves we will do anything to avoid having to do yard work in the Florida sun.  And it was totally worth it.  Not only did our new lawn get to take advantage of all that free water raining down, but I also got in a killer workout for my forearms and back. (The bad news is I think I re-tweaked my foot during all the walking back and forth, so my return to running is going to be cut even closer to my Ragnar run. Ugh.)  Now if we could just get some sort of tropical storm to develop and swing by all next week, that would be great.

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Mags said...

You are gonna do Ragnar?! The Florida Keys one? Dang, I might retrain again just to run the 7 mile bridge. Um, you will probably be in better shape, but the really surprising thing for me was that my body hated me the morning of my last leg. It took me an hour to eat a pb&j sandwich because my body didn't want it. It took me a little longer than that to drink a full water bottle. I didn't get dehydrated and I never walked(my goal). But that last run was slow and I was ravenous afterwards.