Friday, September 4, 2015

Empathy, SO Much Empathy

If substitute teaching has taught me anything, it is empathy for Jacob.  I am only three weeks into this new world, but so many things have suddenly become so clear to me.  Now I totally get the fact that your feet hurt all the time due to constant standing, the fact that you really only have one chance to use the bathroom all day (even if that is not when you have to go), and the fact that it makes you come a little unglued when you see your own children exhibiting ANY of the crazy behavior that you deal with at school.  I get why you eat in your room, don't really care what's for lunch (because you only have 18 real minutes to eat anyway) and avoid the teacher's lounge at all costs.  Yep, I officially get it. My only question for Jacob is, can I get some custom orthotics for your moccasins? After walking a mile in them, my feet are killing me.

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