Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Five Things I Learned This Week

It has now been six days since my last post.  Which is apparently too long for some people. (Cough, Sean, Cough)  So here is something to tide you over for six more days.

1.  There is nothing worse than working out with a horrendous case of the hiccups.
2.  If Luke doesn't like the color of the water bottle he has waited for you to buy for 2 weeks, he will make you send it back when it finally gets here.
3. When donating plasma in South Lakeland, the best phlebotomist is Benny.
4.  Agreeing to do a triathlon in the ocean may have been a huge mistake...
5.  JennyEllen is darn good at taking seagull punching pictures.  I guess we'll keep her.

(Coquina Beach in Bradenton, FL)

For you, Brian!

Oh sure, Cindy will smile for JennyEllen....

The girls!

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