Wednesday, March 18, 2015

You Can't Swing a Dead Cat Without Hitting an Aunt or an Uncle!

You know, you would think that by living in Florida that more of my friends and family would come and visit us in our tropical paradise.  Not so much.  But our luck turned around this month when we had two, count them, TWO different sets of Cindy and Luke's aunts and uncles come for a visit.  What the heck is going on??

Brian, Kelly and Olivia came down for Spring Break from Tennessee, where the snowiest winter in 100 million years was occuring.  Good thing there was lots of time for shorts, putt putt, biking and mustaches...

A better picture of this exists on my mom's camera- aka the "black hole,"
so this one will have to suffice.


Family Fun Center is still hanging in there!

One of my new favorite pictures in life

And THEN, the following week Sean and Tara came out all the way from Utah to spend a few days at Universal in Orlando.  And since we are expert level 10 hotel pool moochers, we were there in a heartbeat to swim and test out the slide and lazy river.  It was not lazy enough for Sean, however.

We hung out at the hotel and then headed down to CityWalk to people watch 
and ride ferry boats to nowhere.  Sean and Tara are very patient and Cindy and Luke are easily entertained, so it was a match made in heaven.

And do you know what else happened while we were with Sean and Tara?

I got to eat a Sunbutter and Strawberry Jam sandwich on Grandma Sycamore's white bread. 
Life is worth living again!!

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