Friday, March 6, 2015

A Cucuface Quickie

Sunday I decided to cook up a full Thanksgiving dinner.  (Hey, the end of the month budget doesn't care what season it is.)  As Jacob was carving the turkey, I realized that I didn't take out the bag of giblets and they were a hot steaming mess inside the bird.  After removing them, bag and all, I decided that Cucuface might like this unexpected treat.  I put the dripping giblets in a ladle and walked them out to the front porch.  As I bent down and placed them in her bowl, Cucuface came running up to inspect the surprise delivery. And then she scared the living tar out of me because when I looked at her face, I realized that hanging off of her whiskers (and seemingly unbeknownst to her) was a giant lizard!  She had obviously been playing with it, and probably in an effort to save itself, it had chomped down a few of her whiskers and was hanging on for dear life, like some sort of strange cat whisker earrings. I didn't get a picture because shortly thereafter she pulled it off and the poor guy scurried away, but I did manage to have Jacob come out and be my second witness.  Just when I thought I had seen it all...

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