Thursday, March 19, 2015


The other day when the weather was nice I decided to leave the kitchen door open.  No sooner had I let in the fresh air, than Cucuface decided to bring in a gigantic lizard in her mouth and then let it go right when I came walking into the kitchen.  I did an Irish jig and screamed my head off as it made its way directly for my feet, but then it had a change of heart and ran in between the dishwasher.  Cucuface tried to reach in there with her little cat hands for at least a half an hour, but to no avail.  And now every time I load the dishwasher I am terrified that a lizard will run over my feet.  Guess I will just have to stop doing dishes.  Seems reasonable.

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Mags said...

How injured was it? It could have very well died back there. ;-)~