Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Luke Quickies

While I continue working on my recap of our trip up to Georgia to see my brother Dave over the past weekend, I thought I would blog two Luke Quickies for you.

Let me preface this first one by saying that our race for Florida governor is between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist...

One day out of the blue Luke asked me, "Mom, do you like Charlie Crist or Rick Scott?  Because Charlie Crist has made college more expensive and he doesn't even care about education." Well, I guess those ads are working on somebody!

While driving home from Georgia, there was a point when the car was completely quiet and we all seemed to be lost in our own thoughts.  Finally, Luke broke the silence by asking, "Mom, I don't get it.  They say you can add up to four lines for only 100 bucks, but what even is a 'line'?" I guess I have learned that a penny for Luke's thoughts is a great value :)

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