Friday, October 3, 2014

If I Don't Do This Now, It Will Never Happen

It dawned on me that I never actually finished my epic "end of summer" 
post during September like I promised.  
But I finally got most of the pictures imported and well, that may have to suffice.  

SUMMER OF 2014: The year we did some stuff

Planted some cactus
(which may have died, don't tell Grandma!)

Luke learned to dive! Three cheers for someone else having the pool!

Playing some Plants vs. Zombies Risk for the first time.  
Which we got for Christmas.  7 months ago...

Visiting the SPCA or "Kitten Shop."  Watch out for Skipper, he's nuts.

Dad's birthday! While grandma burned her finger in the background...

Cindy making some sweet moolah with Uncle Rico.  Actually, we did a small yard sale 
and here she is selling shells she collected at the beach 10 for $1.  
Right after I told her that NO ONE was going to buy them.

Double Bingham ball with Uncle Chris and cousin Wyatt!!!

Building robots and painting the Duck Dynasty version of the Enterprise.

Mid-air cousin time!

A little shopping for Cucuface's birthday...

Being exhausted...

Cindy sells seashells down by the garage door, while Luke guesses the speed of 
an upcoming pitch at the baseball game.  Either way, you make a dollar.

Lego temple!

Olivia time!

Grandma and Grandpa time!

Getting to see snow time! And by snow I mean sliding your finger along your skate
 after two laps and collecting a tablespoon of crushed ice.

Cindy's sweet shop, open for business!

Indian crafts to celebrate our heritage!  Tomahawk chop!

Luke and the most exciting dream catcher in the universe!

I interrupt this post to bring you an adorable picture of my niece, Olivia:

And now back to our regularly scheduled posting.....

Swimming in grandma and grandpa's wading pool

Trying sodas of every flavor, including this one which, according to Cindy, 
tastes like "cooking spray."  Mmm, mmm good!

That day my mom caught World Cup fever...

I caught it too! Luke, not so much.

He had important sleeping positions to try out....

And bead scorpions to build...

Real scorpion suckers!

And some cousin time.  

How would you rate our summer, Addie?
Me too.

***Disclaimer:  I did not take all these pictures in just a few days. Cindy really does have just three shirts she will wear.  Ever.  And one is a bathing suit.

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