Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Think I Have Made An Enormous Mistake

A few weeks ago I registered Cindy to run the Color and Glow 5K with me on November 1st out near the Lakeland Airport. I thought to myself, Self, "What better way to introduce your daughter to running than by doing a race with you that is not timed AND allows you to get doused with glow in the dark paint at the same time?"  So the next day we began our first official day of race training. If you are supposed to start small, then we are overachievers who started microscopically. After two laps of the small loop in the neighborhood behind our house (running for 60 seconds and then walking for 60 seconds for a total of 8 minutes), Cindy was pretty much done. And by "done" I mean talking about how her shoulders hurt, how the heat was going to kill her and how she felt like they she was "definitely going to throw up."  The next week we did some training over at the practice track at the high school, which had very "mixed results", shall we say. Finally, this past Saturday, in order to properly celebrate the one-day, freak-of-nature October cold front we got, I took the kids up to run around Lake Hollingsworth.  Luke was completely pleasant as he made his way around. Cindy on the other hand actually uttered the words, "I hate you, Mom" by the time it was over.  So I guess you could say things are going really well!


Mags said...

I actually miss that loop around Lake Hollingsworth. Good luck getting her to run the 5K, lol.

Linnley Marie said...

Go Cindy! You've got this!! Luke has some great form too!