Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why We Aren't Taking A Summer Vacation This Year

Sure, the World Cup was going on, and yes, I got shot down by my boss for the week I tried to take off, but I guess that ultimately, the real reason we aren't going on a summer vacation this year is because of this:

It was finally time to trim the trees.  
And give away half of our life savings.

My advice to anyone reading this: Don't buy a house with trees.  Indeed they are shady, lovely, of good report and yes, sometimes even praiseworthy, but do not seek after these things.  They are dirty, expensive and apparently, full of beetles.  Aesthetically, I was sad to see them go, but I can't even believe how much LESS raking we are going to have to do this fall.

After the first tree was trimmed, Luke ran out to see it and said, "Holy cow you can see the sky and it looks like winter!"  It was a cool 89 degrees, so it did feel like winter just a bit.

Seems appropriate that this final "after" picture was taken on a rare day when the rain lasted all day long.  Definitely makes it look like the tree is now sad and humiliated. 
But don't fall for his act.  He's feeling light as a feather!

And speaking of awesome things in my yard, the pineapples are coming along nicely...

Only four more months until they are ready...Seriously, let's move it along, pineapples!

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