Sunday, July 27, 2014


My brother Dave and his daughter Addie came down for a visit this past week.  So good to see them again!  And even though I had to work a few days, there was still time to sneak in a little fun. The highlight of the week was a quick overnight hotel stay in Orlando. We bought a Groupon deal for a hotel that had a waterfall and slide and crossed our fingers that it wouldn't suck. Or be so full of tourists that we wanted to jump off a cliff.  And while there were many field hockey teams staying there for an apparent tournament at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex, our stay was actually really fun. Our room was far away from the riff-raff and the pool really delivered!  For anyone interested, the hotel was the Radisson Resort at Celebration.  (Here is my official TripAdvisor review.)  It was so close to Disney that the Yelp app on my phone kept showing every restaurant inside Epcot as the closest place to eat dinner.  We did not eat there.  But here are some pictures....

Cindy was so excited about pictures she couldn't even stand it...

Mom loves her a good waterfall.

Friday morning we got to the pool at 9am and the slide didn't open til 10.  Cindy would do nothing else but wait.
She was the first in a line that did not exist.  Happy?

This hotel likes large games.  Super checkers or jumbo Jenga, anyone?

Wish you were here!

Here is a picture of the cousins: Luke, Addie, Cindy and Raji.  

The kids had an absolute blast. We swam our guts out and my kids were absolutely wasted for the rest of the day.  Cindy came home and slept for three hours and Luke creepily slept with his eyes open for most of the car ride home.  Exhibit A:

So weird!!!

During this adventure I also took the greatest picture ever taken of my mom.  Ever.  But I am awaiting approval on posting it.  So if I ever get the green light, Sweeneyville will be the first to know.

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