Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Own Chicharito

Luke has been hard at work playing soccer again. Spring league this year is a "World Cup" theme, so each team is a different country.  Luke ended up on team Mexico, 
so basically they are very overrated and losing a lot.  Oooh, burn!!  Just kidding.  
They are doing just fine and Luke is even having some awesome moments.
 And a few not-so-awesome moments, i.e. like on Saturday when he stopped in the middle of the field during the game to raise his hand to his eyebrows to block the sun so he could take a moment and watch the skywriter that was overhead.  I mean, it was a skywriter, but come on! Focus, Jedi.

The other good news is that only 50% of the team is a full head taller than him this time, 
instead of the usual 90%.

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Linnley Marie said...

He looks like a natural out there!