Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Luke Quickie

On Friday night my dad took Luke to the father and son camp out for our stake.  (Jacob had prior commitments and could not go.)  Luke was very excited to go and I knew he was going to have a great time.  On Saturday morning when my dad came to my house and dropped him off, Luke was sitting in the front seat of the car, happy as a clam.  I came to the open car window and said, "Hey buddy, how was it?!"  He replied, "Awesome! And I only threw up two times!"  I am not sure what is going on with this boy and his innards- virus? lily-livered stomach lining? panty waste gag reflex?- who knows, but at least throwing up is no big deal to him.  Even my dad complimented him on how well he manages his upchucking.  I'

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