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Pop Cruise! Chapter Two

Jacob and I actually took another cruise last weekend.  It worked out so well last year going right before everyone's Spring Break that I couldn't pass up the chance to do it one more time.  Plus, I have a saint for a mother-in-law who volunteered to come watch the kiddos while we went, so pretty much I was forced by fate to go on this cruise.  And this conveniently also counts as my sweet Anni-birthentine's Day present :)

I don't know how well you scored on last year's cruise quiz, but I fully expect to you to step it up a notch and win this for the Gipper.  Please darken the entire oval on your scan-tron sheet after selecting your answer....

1. The highlight of the first 2 hours of being on the boat was:

A.  Seeing the beautiful port of Ft. Lauderdale

B. Running up to the top deck to take my picture

C. Finding out that our inside room was actually bigger than a tuna can


D. Meeting King Julian!!

E. Meeting Grumpy Cat

2.  This picture proves I am an evil genius because:

a.  Clearly, I am wearing my evil genius glasses
b.  I planned this whole cruise just so Jacob would be forced to get his picture taken by a stranger (Muhaahahahahahahaa!)
c.  This is the picture they take and then try to sell to you, but I took a secret picture of the picture while no one was looking.  What? I did say evil genius, didn't I?

3.  The highlight of dinner the first night was:

a. Ordering all 5 desserts offered on the menu
b. The fact that none of the other 4 couples assigned to our table showed up
c. That through a glorious miscommunication with the assistant waiter, I was called "Sweetie" for the rest of the cruise

4.  Spot the difference between the following pictures:

Hint: I am at the top and Jacob only made it to the middle.

5.  The hardest part of mini golfing in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico was:

a. maintaining my balance
b. compensating for the wind
c.  not having enough people around who spoke English enough to appreciate my trash talking and eventual take down of Jacob by 5 strokes

 6.  For what two events did Jacob win medals for while we were on the boat?

a. Volleyball and dodgeball
b. MMA and scrapbooking
c.  Eating 9 ice cream cones in 4 days and also taking THE WORST PICTURE OF ME THAT HAS EVER BEEN TAKEN. EVER. EVER.

Brace it is:

What. The. Heck. 
Does anyone else see the resemblance to Velma from Scooby-doo?? Oh, the humanity!!!!!

Moving on!

7.  I won my awesome Royal Caribbean wallet travel purse prizes for....? 

a. Winning 80's Song Trivia
b. Winning Celebrity Visual Trivia
c.  Finally figuring out on the 4th day of the cruise that the the names of all the elevators on the ship were not "Friday", but that the ship changes out the days of the week on the elevator floor to help you keep track of what day it actually is in the real world.   Yeah, I went to college.

Here is when I figured it out...Hey, wait a minute, I think TODAY is Sunday!

8.  Ice skating while on a cruise ship proves the following:

a. I will try anything once
b. Dramamine is a very powerful drug
c. Royal Caribbean clearly does not trust anyone
d. Some things are just completely ridiculous and just have no justification for existing


9.  Taking this picture taught me that:

a. Jacob is a good sport
b. People will stare at you when you are trying to have a little fun
c. I couldn't actually figure out how to play a slot machine if my life depended on it. Seriously, if I could just read some sort of manual or take a class on all those buttons....

10.  Jacob really wanted this picture on the blog because:

a. it shows his aptitude for learning new things quickly
b. it shows Sweeneys are capable of getting wet and not dying
c. it shows his incredible, bulging shoulder muscles :)
d. it shows me not doing the Flow Rider because I was a giant pansy

11.   This towel monkey, made by my stateroom attendant Vilbron (who always called me Mrs. Sweeney, even when he saw me in a completely different hallway on the ship) has something I lacked during the entire cruise.  What is it?

a.  A friendly face
b. Rough, patchy skin
c. giant forearms
d. sunglasses

Ugh. I really did go 5 days without sunglasses.  To his credit, Jacob did pack two pairs, but they were very large and very manly, so I chose to go without :(

12.  Please select the picture that best depicts Cozumel:




(Ramses is the one, he knows the secrets of desire!....)

13.  This street vendor was very popular in Cozumel because:

a. he was efficient and friendly
b. he brought his food right to you
c. he was selling the Lord's cheeps to support all the orphans in the whole world

14.  This was the only picture I really took on our snorkeling trip in Cozumel because:

a.  most of the time my camera was safely stored so it wouldn't get wet
b.  it was so cold and windy that there wasn't much to take pictures of anyways
c.  There was no such thing as the  Nachooooo fish and I was too disappointed to be happy

15.  This guy gave me the thumbs up on the way back to the boat because:

a. the Cozumelians are very friendly
b. he wanted a tip
c.  I just bought $25 worth of souvenirs made in China

16.  This picture shows me doing which of the following:

a.  Being silly with Jacob
b.  Preparing to watch "The Croods" in 3D
c.  Forgetting to take my next dose of Dramamine which was going to cost me a wonderful dinner later that night...

17.  The most awesome thing that happened in this dining room during the cruise was:

a.  Completing our mandatory muster station drill 
b.  Shrek dancing to Gangnam Style
c.  The live acoustic guitarist playing "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic during dinner
d. all of the above

18.  The shuffleboard court was pretty much always empty because:

a. they were painting the ceiling right over it and no one wanted to get dripped on
b. it was located on a deck that was hard to find
c. no one under the age of 80 actually plays shuffleboard except me and Jacob

19.  Watching the belly flop contest made me realize that:

a. I am pretty amazing at taking pictures of people in mid-air
b. As a whole, the human race is very easily entertained
c. There are some very unfortunate tattoos in this world.  VERY unfortunate...

20.  I am most proud of this picture because:

a.  I took me three days of stalking to be in the right place at the right time to meet Puss 'N Boots
b.  The Royal Caribbean staff member made Jacob get in the picture with me
c.  I am not wearing a stitch of makeup
d.  I cut in front of three small children to make this moment happen

 21.  As Jacob walked along the promenade on the main deck of the ship, he thought:

a. This is an amazing feat of architecture!
b. This must have cost a fortune to build.
c. I could totally remodel our house to look like this.
d. Nope, still not as cool as the Enterprise.

22.  This was a magical cruise moment because:

a. Taking this photo was not my idea
b. The sun disappeared just minutes after this was taken
c. Jacob looks happy
d.  All of the above :)

BONUS Question!

23.  According to our final cruise statement, how much did Jacob and I additionally charge to our credit card during the cruise for extra stuff?

a. 5.88
b. 3.95
c. -7.22

As you can see, we had a great time.  We did pretty much everything offered to us.  We saw movies, a Broadway show, an aerialist show, a comedian, a magic show, a game show, a juggler, trivia contests, parades- and there still were things we missed out on.  Next time, we take the kids! (And not just because our babysitter will be on a Mission for the next three years ;)

And two bonus pictures I didn't know what to do with:

For Karin,

Our boat the Liberty of The Seas on the left and Jewel of the Seas on the right :)

And this is this barely even qualifies as a picture, but it really is a picture of the US Coast Guard 
boat that docked along side us to collect the two Cubans we rescued out of the Atlantic Ocean 
on the last night of the cruise. True Story!

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