Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Luke Quickie or Two

The other night I bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner.  Luke asked me if he could have some saying, "Can I have a leg? Those are awesome because they have handles."  Fork, schmork!

Last week Luke got out the "make your own awesome paper airplanes" book he got for Christmas.  He was diligently working on making several planes right when it was bedtime.  Even as I was kissing him goodnight  and tucking him in bed, he was pleading with me over and over and over and over to help him get past step 9 on the plane he was making.  I had to be firm and tell him that we would finish everything in the morning.   Later, I found him asleep, still clutching the plane he was working on.  The next morning Jacob and I were eating breakfast before the either of the kids were awake and I was telling him about how Luke was definitely going to make me help him finish that plane when he woke up.  Not 2 minutes later we hear Luke shuffling down the hall, the plane in one hand, the book in the other, his eyes barely open, glorious bedhead and the first words out of his mouth are "I can't get past step 9 on this plane and I need someone to help me."  It's like the previous nine hours never even happened.

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Linnley Marie said...

Luke is absolutely the funniest kid!