Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A rite of passage

So the summer is basically over. Jacob went back to work yesterday morning, which means that Cindy officially reports to her first day of Kindergarten at South McKeel Academy in a mere 6 days. I get a little stressed out when I come to terms with the fact that she is now old enough for public school, but, I was recently reminded that now that I have a school-age child, I get to start doing all those totally awesome parent things! You know, like answer every why not? question that Cindy has with the phrase "Because it's a school night!" (I actually plan to use that reason for pretty much anything Cindy asks me from now on.) The other thing I get to start doing is messing with the office staff at her school. See, when I was a kid I went to Highland City Elementary. And anytime that my parents had to write a check to the school (for things like lunches, field trips, etc.) my dad would always make the check out to "Highland Kitty Elementary", "Really Scary Elementary", or "Rye Bread's Shifty Elementary" and things such as this. Of course, I, being totally afraid of pretty much any official adult in the world thought that my dad would get in big trouble for such hi jinx, but nothing actually ever happened. Furthermore, when I got to be in High School, the jocularity continued. Whenever any of us kids had to be picked up and signed out of school, there was always that official sign out sheet where your parent had to sign and give the reason why you were leaving. This was like pitching a 3 mph softball to a major leaguer. As you can guess my dad loved to think up very creative reasons for our absences. My favorites would have to include, "having specialized brain surgery", "attending orientation for Clown College", "accepting the Nobel Peace Prize" and "preparing for tomorrow's space walk". I asked my Dad one time why he felt he had to do that, and besides the obvious, "Because I can" (DUH!), he said, "It's none of the school's business why I sign you out, I'm your father. I win." After that explanation I never really cared what he wrote anymore. Even to this day when any of us kids or my Dad visits my mom at the dentist office where she works, we always "sign in" on her appointment sheet. (Appointment or not, of course) Mom rolls her eyes when she sees us pick up that pencil, but, come on, who doesn't get a kick out of seeing that Marie Antoinette, Felix the Cat or Regis Philbin are there to get their teeth cleaned, huh? You just can't give a Bingham a fill-in-the blank form and expect them to be serious. Proven fact.

So Cindy, gear up for a great year of school! And I can't wait to write the check for your first week of school lunch- I think, I'll make it out to "Orange Peel Academy"- no wait, maybe "Legs of Steel Academy" or maybe "Rod and Reel Academy"....or how about.......

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Jen said...

Gotta love those Bing-hams! I can't wait to fill out my next form now!!!