Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Go Wildcats!

It's official: Cindy is now a Kindergartener! She started yesterday at South McKeel Academy. I'm not gonna lie, the past few weeks leading up to the first day of school, Cindy was not very excited. She kept telling me that she really didn't want to go and that she was scared. But I was hopeful that if I could just get her to go the first day she would like it enough to go back. On Sunday she was still acting very nervous and worried. However, Jacob and I stayed positive and gave her all the pep talk and advice we could muster. Then that night Jacob gave blessings to both Cindy and me, and that must have been exactly what was needed because as the day dawned on Monday Cindy turned into a totally different child. She was totally fine eating breakfast, she got dressed in her uniform without complaint, she even said she "kinda liked" it.

Then, to make the morning even more awesome, we got a sweet parking spot at the school, got into the cafeteria to meet up with her teacher, who she actually talked to, and her friend Hope was waiting there, saving her a seat. No way! It was the perfect morning. I couldn't believe it.

AND, I didn't even shed a single tear :) Which is a real shame because they gave all us Kindergarten parents these totally cute towels.

Well, it didn't go totally unused. This is me thinking about having to go wait in the car line again tomorrow.....

Anyway, Cindy had a good day. She told me that it was "the longest day ever!" But she likes her teacher, she got to color, she saved me an oreo from her lunch, and she did not eat her PB&J sandwich- I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!

But it looks like she'll be going back :)

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