Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Vacation by the Numbers

So here is a short recap of our vacation for the numerically inclined. Jacob is a math teacher, after all....

Number of speeding tickets we got (yahoo!!!)

Traffic jams we encountered due to construction or accidents
(just outside of Jackson, Mississippi)

Number of times we ate fast food in the first 4 days
(We packed a lot of food, I am very proud of this statistic :)
(Braum's in Amarillo and KFC in Gallup, in case you were wondering....)

Items we officially lost on vacation
(Luke's good sandals, my good sunglasses, and the other key to the car :(
I think the sunglasses got left in Albuquerque- but the others- I have no clue.

Number of times Luke fell out of a bed during the trip
Twice at Great Grandmas in OK, Once in Arizona, and Once in Park City
(he is a very active sleeper, shall we say)

Different States we drove through

Grasshoppers I personally caught so Jacob could use them as fishing bait

Movies watched during our drive
(Including Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Jacob's new favorite film)

Total Family Members who came and stayed at the Henrie Family reunion in Panguitch

Packages of gummy snacks the kids ate during vacation

Number of signs we passed telling us to watch out for deer or wildlife in the road
(Coincidentally, 0 was the actual number of deer or wildlife we ever saw)

Yards I rode on an ATV with Jacob before it ran out of gas
(it was a bummer)

Total number of Pictures taken on the trip

Combined number of times we heard "Please Don't Leave Me" by Pink and "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus on the radio

Total Miles Driven

Number of Orange Construction Barrels we saw
(of course I counted each one- I am nothing if not accurate!)

Number of times Luke said "I need a drink" during the trip

And my final say on the numbers of our trip has to include this interesting fact: 22 was our lucky number during this vacation. Here is the evidence:

Our hotel room number in Williams, AZ: 2219
Our hotel room number in Bryce Canyon: 222
Our hotel room number in Park City: 7922
Our hotel room number in Albuquerque: 214

Ok, I know that last one doesn't really count, but seriously, do you know what the exit number was for that hotel??? 222!! I am not making this up. We are so going to play the Florida lottery this weekend....

Next up: 1st Annual Roadie Awards

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Fallaws said...

Wow, this is both terrifying and impressive.