Saturday, April 1, 2017

Cindy Officially Becomes a Teenager (though she has been acting like one for a year)

Oh sure, it looks like Cindy is smiling joyfully at the awesome Eiffel Tower crepe cake I made her for her 13th birthday, but do not be fooled.  This was her "I am going to oversmile for approximately .8 seconds and you better get your picture or you're just going to have to live without one, got it?" face.

I'm pretending it was a real smile

I made it out of a blue velvet cake mix and two cans of cream cheese frosting.  I probably did it completely wrong, but the ruffles kind of added to the the french theme and gave it that perfect jen is sais quoi, oui?

Photobomber level: Luke

But lest you think the balance of power is way off around here, you will be happy to know that I had Cindy unwrap a package of underwear.  In front of her dad. And grandpa. And grandma. And little brother.  And it was glorious.  And I regret nothing.  Sucka!!

If looks could kill, I would be vaporized

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Mags said...

Oh my gosh! Seriously, the way you describe Cindy, my Lucas is just as much a pain and would die if I made him open something intimate like that. I wonder what reaction training bras would have gotten you?