Saturday, April 22, 2017

Backblogging like a Boss

Time to recap everything I didn't have time to blog about:

I ran a race and won a baseball.  Luke lost his over the fence, so this seemed like a good way to get one back.

I would like to thank the little people,
like Orange Theory

Luke has been having a magical 4th grade year.  His latest adventures included dressing up as Andrew Jackson (duh) and celebrating Florida Pioneer day, where I packed his lunch of beef jerky, cheese and a hard boiled egg inside a paper bag.  Tasty.  

I'm saving this outfit for Trek.
It will probably still fit.

I love my job :)

We've gone blueberry and strawberry picking once again.  During this time of year I start to get sad that the hot weather is lurking out there, waiting to pounce on us and get us right in the jugular, but at least we have delicious fruit to ease our pain for a month or two...

Do not leave him unsupervised with giant
bowls of strawberries

Or buckets of blueberries...

Blueberrries, ahoy!

Conference has come and gone again.  Here you can sort of see our updated living room, complete with couch and ottoman that we bought ourselves.  Not a hand-me-down.  That's gotta be some kind of record.

Luke started soccer again!  This time around he is team Spain and Uncle Brian is so proud.  We are now four games in and Luke has scored in every single game.  He even had a hat trick today!  ¡Vamos Lucas!

Luke had his final Spring Musical performance for South McKeel Academy.  It's the end of an era! And marginal recorder performances.

And finally, I have big news!  I have adopted an alien baby named Zartho.

Don't look at her. She'll turn your heart to love.
And then maybe melt it with lazer vision or take it back to her spaceship to
run some tests, I'm not sure.

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