Saturday, April 9, 2016

How to Have a Magical Beach Day

Step 1:  Go to Anna Maria Island with your awesome friend and her family and sit on the gorgeous beach.

Step 2:  Add one dozen handcrafted donuts.

Step 3: Reluctantly share the donuts because either your kids are getting these or the seagulls are, and since seagulls never get me anything for Mother's Day, they lose.

Step 4:  Have a blast digging a hole.

Step 5: Use the perfect breeze to fly a kite, while others play some soccer.

Step 6:  Become your own buried treasure.

Step 7:  Sit in another hole.

 Step 8:  Bust out the brand new snorkeling sets you have been keeping for over a year!

Step 9:  Actually ride waves on a boogie board because the wind and water are just right.  

And finally, Step 10: Lower your expectations for all future beach trips because they probably are never going to measure up in your entire lifetime :)

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