Monday, April 25, 2016

He's Nine, My Fraulein

Luke hit the big 9!  He absolutely could not decide what kind of cake he wanted this year,  and I was about to design the most random, bizarre Reddit-worthy cake in the entire world, but I caved and just ended up making a giant Lego.  Pinterest gets all the credit for how this came together.  And the Florida humidity gets all the credit for how the frosting starting sliding off the cake :) 

The day before on his actual birthday, we went to the beach.  My superior planning skills allowed him to open a present while we were there and, huzzah! It was paddle ball!  Which Luke is actually quite good at!

My planning skills also forced me to bring along a gourmet Publix cupcake for Luke to enjoy at the beach.  Which turned out to be quite a babysitting adventure.  That little cupcake was better supervised than my children.

And totally delicious.

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