Saturday, January 16, 2016

I've Been Waiting So Long I Thought the Care Bears Were Here

It only took six years, but it happened!  It finally happened!

McKeel once again became DISTRICT CHAMPIONS!
On the same field, against the same opponent from six years ago.

Hard fought, well deserved.

That's right, we're #1

Jacob, Greggers and Kurt

This is a screenshot of the front page of the online local sports page.  
And a prime example of how Jacob flawlessly keeps his reputation of being ridiculously intimidating intact.

I won districts once.  It was awful.

In his defense, this "picture" was taken from the beginning of a video interview so he was basically standing there waiting for the reporter to begin talking.  I am just happy that this team and coach are finally getting the accolades and attention they deserve :)  On to regional quarterfinals, ON OUR FIELD!

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