Monday, January 25, 2016

A Fancy Concert? I Will Bring My Fur

Every once in a while you see a story on Facebook that never seems to get the traction it really deserves. Let me now share with you one of those stories.  Last week I had a local friend post a few selfies of her and her husband on Facebook from their date to the Lakeland Center where they saw Jackie Evancho in concert.  It appeared to be a lovely evening.  About two hours a later that same night, I saw this picture from them on Facebook from the same concert, along with the caption:

"Carmen with Jackie Evancho's biggest fan!"

And that is when the needle fell off the record. 

Come to find out, this interesting woman had to bring her pet raccoon TO THE CONCERT because it's blind, can't smell and had to be fed every two hours.

I am just gonna put this handy eye chart here because right now you are thinking, "Wow, my eyes need to be examined because I thought that said that a lady brought a pet raccoon to a concert and we all know that is impossible and ridiculous."

Go ahead, cover one eye, check the results. 

My eyes are fine.
What the heck?

But when you really think about it, of course there was a raccoon at the concert.  This is Polk County.  That concert wasn't going to declass itself, people!

The moral of this story:  

Raccoons are shifty.

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