Saturday, July 25, 2015

Addie Up!

My niece, Addie, got baptized last weekend and she asked me to speak at the service.  She obviously doesn't know very many people, so I had mercy and agreed.  I took the kids and hitched a ride up to Atlanta with my parents for the weekend.  

8 hours in the backseat with these guys? What could go wrong?

 I would like to point out here that on the way up and on the way home my mom made us speak in a different accent on the 15s of each hour that we were awake.  Seriously.  
We spoke French, Italian, English, Southern, Red dot Indian, Russian and Mexican.   
Which was actually more like quoting famous movie lines that feature these accents.  Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast and The Godfather, anyone?

Hotel pool!

Gravity does not apply in Georgia

Saturday at 2pm we had the baptism.  

Everyone else took these pictures:

I took this one: 

Saturday night we chilled at their apartment and the kids spent the night with their cousin.  This Love Sac chair had nothing to do with their motivation.  

Saturday night we also got to eat Heirloom Korean BBQ- which gets 4.5 stars out of 770 reviews on Yelp.  I give it a 5 star review.  I would like to go back there :)

Sunday morning we hit Sacrament meeting before the drive home.  This was after, not during. 

Then we took a few pictures....

Oh, Cindy's picture face.  How I loathe you sometimes...
And Oh, JennyEllen, how we all adore you always :)

And then we said our goodbyes:

This is how Dave hugs you goodbye.  I am surprised he could lift me!

All of us being the worker bees that we are, we had to get back home for the work day on Monday. A super quick trip, but well worth the drive :)

*Cindy would also like for me to immortalize here the memory of when Luke dropped a piece of his cinnamon roll in his BBQ sauce container at Bojangles.

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