Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to Celebrate the 4th of July in 12 Easy Steps

1. Suffer a massive 5 hour intestinal attack at 3am
2. Get three hours of sleep and take a lot of drugs
3. Miss the annual ward pancake breakfast
4. Somehow manage to make sugar cookies with your kids four hours later
5. Barely eat anything the rest of the day
6. Sluff off your kids at your parent's house
7. Donate plasma
8. Fail miserably at taking a nap
9. Remember you have to do Sharing Time the next day at church
10.  Pick up said kids from your parent's house
11.  Watch your redneck neighborhood's fireworks display on the way home and count that as your "festivities"
12. Take one picture the entire day:

You gotta admit, these are pretty amazing.
Nothing says Independence Day quite like Yoda, a dolphin and an ice cream cone, am I right?

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