Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Let The Bucket List Begin

Cindy and Luke wrapped up their last day of school today!  One day earlier than everyone else. Because McKeel is so hipster and they were ending classes one day earlier before it was even cool.
And one of these years Cindy will appreciate the fact that I blast "What Time Is It? (Summertime)" from High School musical on the last day of school in the car every year.  So far, nothing but embarrassment and eye rolling.  Which I still can view as a parenting win.

That is a genuine smile from Cindy that lasted .03564 seconds.  I have cat like reflexes.
They got to wear anything they wanted on the last day in exchange for donating old uniforms to the clothes closet.  It wasn't nearly the struggle as it has been in years past to find an actual wearable plain clothes outfit for school.  They both went with green, which only confirms what I already know. They're a team.  (A very secret team.)

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