Sunday, June 28, 2015

I Love America

Two weeks ago on Sunday we were in my parents living room laying around after a big meal.  As my dad laid on the floor, he lamented that he actually had to lift up his head to see the television.  First world problems, I know.  But sometimes a pillow is like, 4 feet away and what are you supposed to do?  Get up?  No way!  My dad said, "They need to make some sort of glasses that allow me to lay on my back and still see the TV."  (Enter And then the very next week, on Father's Day, as we were laying around the living room after eating a big meal, my dad was wearing these:

Okay, to be fair, he did still have to use a pillow for some head propping, on account of his belly being in the way (his words, not mine), but seriously, when you put these glasses on, 
it's like having the TV installed on your ceiling.  They really work!

Mom loved them too.  Mostly for the fashion statement they made.  Which was, fashion schmashion!

And then we decided that Luke needed to box against Diavo while wearing them, 
which proved to be a little disorienting.  Yet immensely entertaining for the rest of us. 

And then I decided that I need to hurry it on up with my plans to buy a new phone with a 13MP camera, because that picture might as well have been taken with Google Earth.  Sheesh!

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