Monday, February 10, 2014

What Does The Box Say?

It's Valentine's Day this Friday, and if you have kids then you are probably hard at work on a "Valentine's Day Box" for your kid to take to school to collect all his valentines in. When this idea started, most kids just brought in a shoe box and maybe wrapped it in paper and put their name on it.  And that was about it. And then Pinterest happened.  And now these boxes have legs, arms, moving parts, their own twitter hashtag, and I'm sure I have even seen one that can cook a heart-shaped hot pocket every time it receives a card. (And don't even get me started about how a crappy store-bought lenticular valentine card with no candy is basically unacceptable because they don't have my child's picture on them.)  If we are being honest, what is the Valentine's Day Box assignment other than a secret contest between moms to see who is the most crafty?  I fell into this trap last year when we made R2-D2 out of a protein powder can. That guy turned out totally awesome, don't get me wrong (no seriously, did you see that thing?), but this year I wanted to simplify. I mean, they use this box for one day to stick some papers in, right?  Saturday night Luke reeeeally wanted to start working on the box, so I relented and first we actually had to find a shoe box.  As luck would have it, Luke had one in mind already.  In his top toy drawer in his room there was a shoebox (with a lid) that was full of blocks.  So we dumped the blocks out and then we
realized that this was the box from his Spiderman shoes he got 2 years ago. And Spiderman's face was right on the lid and it basically looked awesome with us doing nothing. Well, almost nothing....

Valentine's Day Box: DONE.

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Mags said...

Don't succumb to the mommy crafty battles. I admit to going to pinterest for Valentine's ideas. However, I show them to my kids and ask them which ones they want to make. I just make sure they have the materials. Muahaha!