Monday, February 24, 2014

A Jacob Quickie

Primary is keeping me nice and busy, which means my cruise post keeps getting pushed back and may not see the light of day.  Maybe by March? 2015? But here is one thing I don't want to forget to blog about. When we cruise, we park our car off-site and then take a shuttle over to the boat. This time on the way over on the shuttle we were with about 10 other people, all adults, and one of the ladies was going on the cruise with her boyfriend. He lived in Florida and she had come down from Alaska.  She told us how she lived on a fishing boat for six months a year, how cold it was, etc. She also told us about how there are animals everywhere. She said one time she was using a payphone (not sure what that is exactly....) and she turned around and there was a fox just standing there.  At that moment Jacob asked her very seriously, "What does he say?"  Well that joke went about 1,000 feet over her head and she just looked confused and tried to go on with her story. However, there was a guy in the corner of the shuttle and a mother/daughter couple that got the joke and thought it was hilarious.  The five of us had a good secret laugh about that one and I was simultaneously stunned by and a enormously proud of Jacob's moment of brilliant humor and ability to speak out loud, voluntarily, to a stranger.  Cruises are magic.

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Linnley Marie said...

That is an impressive moment for Jacob!