Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When The Mallow's A Flamin'...

It was Sunday afternoon.  It was kinda cold outside and we all had a day off from work and school the following day, so it was the perfect evening to have our Family Home Evening include a backyard fire with s'mores. Only I didn't have any graham crackers.  So I called Bingham's General Store and spoke with the manager, Linda.  They always let me shop for free over there when I am in a pinch, but, alas! She said they were fresh out of graham crackers.  Inconceivable!  As I was not going to break the Sabbath and go buy the crackers, this only meant one thing.  
I was going to have to MAKE my own!!!


Desperate times call for desperate Pinterest searches.  
I found this recipe and the rest is history.

Waiting for my grahams..
With the most awesome Spock oven mitt the world has ever seen.  
Thanks to my brother, Dave for its gloriousness.  It was a Christmas present of epic proportions!

I couldn't believe it, but I actually made something that kind of resembled and tasted like graham crackers!  Mine turned out like the consistency of Gingerbread- without the horrible gingerbread flavor!!  You do have to kind of overcook them to get the crunchiness of regular crackers, which I did not do well enough because I am a burned cookie Nazi and always under cook mine every time, BUT.....

Homemade s'mores by the fire?  Not too shabby!

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Mags said...

I have seen that recipe on pinterest too. I haven't ever actually made them though. I'm glad they turned out.