Friday, January 24, 2014

The Reason

Blogging has taken a back seat this week.  Why?  Because.......I had to register Cindy for softball and and I had to work and I am trying to not get sick while getting ready to run an 8k tomorrow and I had to watch American Idol two nights in a row because Cindy is obssessed with it and I had to make dinners and clean toilets and run errands and do 3 Jilian Michaels workouts because it's too cold to do anything more and I had to wash dishes and do laundry and invite my dad to do a 36 mile bike ride with me in March and meet a friend for ice cream and drive to Plant City to buy a softball helmet off craigslist and start watching season 7 of Psych on a probably very illegal website and fight with the kids for three days in a row about wearing jeans to school and also be convinced to let them have hot lunch so they could possibly win the lucky tray contest in the lunch room where someone has a star on the bottom of their tray and they win a pencil and hope that Jaocb's team advanced in Regionals and yet simultaneously hope they did not advance in Regionals because it would really mess up my birthday plans and make a hair appointment and check the mail and learn that I suck at making quesadillas and discover five new awesome songs on Spotify and have my birthday lunch at work and play LEGO Avengers with Luke and do Spirograph with Cindy and meet with Luke's teacher about him being tested for gifted and have crazy dreams about how Primary comes totally unglued when I show up late and last but not least I had to make copious amounts of cheese hot dogs for dinner.  Not proud of that last one, but my life is an open book.  A cookbook about hot dogs.

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Mags said...

Oh put on a long sleeve, get a scarf to tie around your ears and go running. Your body will warm itself up. Plus, it's probably going to be cold for you 8k, good luck!