Monday, January 27, 2014

Box Tops for Hibernation

Way back in about November Jacob set a box of soccer uniforms in our garage on the workbench. And by box I mean "Cucuface trap." (And by workbench I mean "place where absolutely no work is done ever.") She started sleeping in the box occasionally but since the cold weather came, this thing has become her permanent home. You can find her curled up asleep in this box for 12 hours a day. And then 12 hours at night. Sometimes she barely even looks up when we open the door or go in the garage. She used to never want to get trapped in the garage all day when we were at work but now she will be sleeping in this box when I leave and will still be sleeping there when I get home with the kids after school. I am almost starting to think it is coated with some sort of magical catnip Valium or a there's a powerful magnet at the bottom that only attracts fur.  She even let me take this photo of her without looking up or moving once. She even refused food the other morning while in this box!!

Seriously, what is it with cats and boxes?!

Business Cat via Meme Generator

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