Monday, June 26, 2017

My Official Review of Wonder Woman (SPOILERS)

As one of our first official acts of summer two weeks ago, we went and saw the new Wonder Woman movie.  The Batman trilogy is pretty much the pinnacle of DC superhero movies and one of my favorite movie trilogies of all time, but I heard that this film was getting some serious buzz.  Did it live up to all the hype?  Um.....

Girl power! Okay, finally a female superhero gets her own movie, I get it.
Using an unknown actress for the lead definitely helped me concentrate on the movie itself
She had a really cool accent that I could not place the entire time
Chris Pine was in this movie!
Professor Lupin?!!  

Obviously a teenage boy wrote the first 20 minutes of this film
The gladiating outfits were just a little over the top for me.  Did they have to make her outfit stay so true to the original idea?  I was hoping for a new, clever interpretation.
Chris Pine was in this movie :(
DC movies in general take themselves way too seriously.
The screenwriter squandered some opportunities for true comedic moments.  The dialogue was boring.  
About 45 minutes too long. 
Were they fighting Nazis?  What war was this? Multiple villains, cats and dogs living together, it was mass hysteria!

In the end, this movie was just kind of "meh" for me.  I wanted to really like it, but I just couldn't buy the outfits and the idea of an island of overly gorgeous Amazon warriors.  I never thought I would actually be begging for the one-piece, zip up black tactical outfit a la Black Widow.  Besides, apparently women just want to be taken as seriously as men when it comes to superheroes, yet we get thigh boots and a strapless bustier as the clothing of choice that our heroine wears to climb out of a bullet riddled fox hole and attempt to save the day?  I enjoyed the seriousness of the Batman trilogy because the plot was fairly realistic, but that didn't work with this one.  This movie just needed to be more fun.  I guess that's a Marvel thing.  And as I now have the golden lasso of truth firmly wrapped around me, I cannot tell a lie, and I hereby give Wonder Woman 3 out of 5 invisible planes. 

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