Friday, June 23, 2017

MY Day

So while Jacob was doing all that baking (which was definitely a surprise to come home to, I have to say), the kids and I went with friends to the beach.  Pass-a-grille Beach, to be exact and it is our new go-to beach.  It's close, it's not crowded, the water and sand are amazing, and most importantly, the parking fees cut down on the riff-raff.  And don't listen to anything Jacob says about the beach.  He's part Grumpy Cat and it clouds his judgement.

A few weeks ago my parents bought the kids some boogie boards and we haven't had a good chance to try them out on some real waves yet, but for some reason today the gulf was hopping!  The waves were awesome enough to ride but small enough to not kill us.  Always a plus!  Cindy and I paddled out and rode waves for probably two hours and I don't think Cindy ever even stopped for lunch the entire day.  There were a few magical waves that Cindy and I rode side by side that seemed to last forever.  And as if that was not magical enough, we also saw dolphins.  Several times we spotted them out in the water and one time they even jumped in the water, just like at Sea World.  I didn't have my camera at that moment, but it pretty much looked exactly like this:  

And would you also believe that I did not get sunburned one bit??!!  Not at all, not even a little!  It's pretty much the first time ever in my life that I have accomplished this feat.  See, Jacob?  Dolphins, big waves, massive amounts of sunscreen- the beach is magic.  Maybe next time... 


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