Sunday, January 25, 2015

Post Up

It was another riveting week of basketball on Saturday for Cindy and Luke.  Luke's team, who has two kids that will declare for the NBA draft next year, played a team that I don't think has really even heard of basketball before.  It was one of the most unfortunate mismatches in recent rec ball history.  Thank heavens they do not keep score because the scoreboard doesn't even go that high. By the 4th period (out of 6) the coach had told the two stars that they could not longer do layups, so the passing began.  One of the kids was trying so hard to pass the ball to Luke for a steady 5 minutes.  (For which this mom will be forever grateful.)  It was a sweet gesture for this kid to make and Luke finally held on to the ball long enough and mustered the strength of a mustard seed and scored a goal.  I don't have a picture of the moment, but this is basically how it looked so it will work just fine:

Actually, Cindy did manage to snap a few pictures with my cell phone and here is Luke guarding his matching yellow player.  They match them up by size, but that ginger was the shortest guy on the other team.  Luke was on him like peanut butter on rice. 

Cindy's game was another barn burner.  No joking aside, Luke's team would handily beat Cindy's team if they ever went head to head.  2nd grade boys play with an intensity to get the ball like it is a bomb made of candy and filled with Legos.  Nothing. will. stop. them.  Cindy's group is very polite, they don't like getting too aggressive and not really any of them can actually do a layup.  However, they fall down about 97% less, so it's a pleasant form of entertainment.  Cindy does very well and really runs, steals and shoots pretty darn good.  I am very proud of her for giving it her all.  And my goal for next week is to take at least one picture of her playing so as to prove to her than I do not love Luke more.  

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